Automation embraces technology that works with humans, not in place of them, but to improve performance, efficiency, and innovation. By applying intelligent automation across data, workflows, applications, and systems, you can execute with speed and accuracy, optimize costs, and securely scale operations. We use smart automation processes includes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enable data-driven business decisions, enhance quality, empower employees, and optimize IT resources.

Smart automation IT Processes working together with employee expertise combines to:

  • Provide data observability, analytics, and visualization across applications and infrastructure.
  • Create, discover, and automate business workflows.
  • Streamline machine-to-machine and data management processes.
  • Fast-track application delivery, deployment, and configuration management.
  • Lower operational costs, boost performance, and enable innovation leads.

Automation of simplest to complex Network provisioning and operational tasks - Multi-Vendor / Multi-Domain Network and Infrastructure Automation.

Building the highly customizable observability stack and meaningful insights – Platform for Multi-Vendor / Multi-Domain Unified Monitoring Portal for Infrastructure and Applications.

Custom Built Application development and Application Implementation Services – Advisory for Source Code Security / Source Code Review, Blockchain development, Application Vulnerability Testing and Application Infrastructure.

Cloud Automation Service
  • Data centre and Virtualization Solutions (Software Defined Data centre (NSX) and VMWare Virtualization)
  • Enterprise Storage Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Public Cloud Services (Cloud Adoption Strategy, Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud
  • Private Cloud Services (RedHat based private cloud services)
  • Hybrid Cloud Services
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Infrastructure Services
  • DevOps as a Service
  • Open Stack