3CIX has developed SaaS product by using AI & Machine Learning technologies to screen the right candidate by reducing human effort and time. It reads job description and ranks top match resumes in no time. It also has built in features like flexi scheduling, video interviewing and can be integrated with existing career portal and job boards to publish new opening and receive applicants resumes by using one platform. It also helps corporations to maintain its own database. Digital recruitment can be offered as SaaS product only or customer can outsource this function to 3CIX.

Every job post from many organizations usually is flooded with huge number of applications. This may require hours and days of recruitment team for screening and short listing. This may even result in wrong recruitment or missing out of getting the right talent who may no longer be available.
AI tools come to aid in such situations. AI tools are of great help in such situations With the right AI tools, recruiters can sort the applications in a fraction of time. 3Cix can provide you the right and smart screening with precise, convenient data so you can enlist the correct individuals on the first go. With our monthly subscription model, Smart Screening will reduce inundating applications from ‘many-to-select’ which are grouped under different job categories and domain.

Identifying shortlisted and screened candidates with right set of traits and skills for particular jobs is very important, yet not easy at times. This is where technology aided smart assessment can come handy. Comprehensive assessment of competence, work ethics and emotional intelligence (EQ) about the potential hires will greatly reduce cost of recruitment. 3Cix smart talent management team can mix technology and subject matter experts to provide accurate service package that will include review of Job Descriptions, their right fit to shortlisted candidates, heuristic smart screening, experts input and event diversity and transparency check. This will turn ‘candidates into applicants’. This smart assessment package can be availed on per candidate or set of candidates as slabs.

Smart hiring practices combines the power of smart screening and smart assessment to help you zero down and recruit the best people for the job. This implies a proactive approach to screen and assess the right talent as well as reducing the cost and time of recruitment and onboarding. Of course, 3CiX smart hiring will come with a bouquet of Flexi scheduling, credentials and certification verifications, video virtual interviews and follow-up, package negotiations, assisted support to perks and benefits finalizations, notice period and all that are relevant with a final checklist of recommendations for onboarding. 3Cix shall be engaged and responsible on per candidate basis with complete replacement guarantee, which may be rare.

What if you need a complete end to end support for talent management? Yes, Smart Recruitment by 3CiX is a full pack of professional services for prepping for the ideal candidates, sourcing and attracting the potential candidates, converting candidates to applicants, pre-assessing candidates, automating interview process – virtual or direct, reference check and onboarding. In simple terms Smart recruitment provides a basket of fruitful benefits combining the Smart screening, smart assessment, smart hiring as a complete professional service pack.

So, what's new about Smart vTEAMs? A virtual team (also commonly known as a "virtual workgroup") is putting together a group of skilled individuals who can deliver projects as their common goal, irrespective of their physicall presence on premise or virtually connected. These teams can perform tasks and objectives in a virtual workplace made and kept up through digital technologies and software applications. 3Cix can provide such quick and smart virtual teams under flexible engagement model such as per engagement or ticket, per man-day, per week, per month, per scope or what best suits your budget. As this is entirely offered as Managed Services, you have the flexibility to get what you want and when you want.