You name it, we have it! 3CIX’s all-new product “Accelerec” is your one-stop shop for all digital hiring solutions. Here’s what you get in this service:


Interview Scheduling

Schedule, receive intimation, and conduct online interviews using our portal.


Our AI ranks all the posted resumes according to the skills set, job description, experience, and education.


The candidate can be shortlisted for interviews. The dashboard will help in tracking all candidates to keep operations running smoothly.


Candidates selected for an interview are visible on the schedule page, where reserved and available interview slots can be seen.


Couldn’t fit in a new candidate that you really like? Mark them as ‘On-hold’ or ‘Saved for Later’ to reach out to them easily in the future.

Supporting Tools

Job Posting

Everything on one platform! On 3CIX’s dashboard, you can create jobs and also post them.

Invite email

Don’t let arduous emailing processes slow you down. The automated invitation to the candidates via our portal can help you reach out to the candidate in a snap.

A shareable job-post link

Your job ad doesn’t have to be confined to Accelerec. Once a job is created, you copy a shareable link, which you can add to any platform of your choice.

Video Conference Interview

Make it a party! Conduct interviews on the same platform with multiple interviewers at the same time.

Ensure Transparency with Artificial Intelligence. All Hiring Solutions In a Single Portal


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