specialized solutions

“What makes 3CIX so special?” you ask. “It does everything better!” we answer. Our specialised services make hiring smart and easy. Here are our distinguishing features of Accelerec:

Customizable templates of email

Brand yourself! Use the opportunity to create your email templates and let your identity shine.

Questions template

Make your interview templates for each role. These can be selected before joining the video conference. You can also use pre-developed templates.

Live feedback

Take notes against an interview in real time. This would help in evaluation. The chosen questions template will be embedded into the interview call.

Offer letter templates

Use your signature visual style to reach out to hopefuls with an offer letter.

Video Conferencing Integration

Accelerec offers a video conference facility that is smoother and more efficient compared to its competitors.

Job Seeker Portal

It allows applicants to apply for jobs and engage with a recruiter. It helps in candidate profiling, building an ATS-friendly resume for the candidate and a CV bank for the recruiters.

Job Suggestions

With our future AI plans, Job Seeker Portal will give suggestions to students according to their professional inclination and interests.

A Resume Directory

Let our smart system save a profile, or upload it yourself. Either way, you can add resumes in any format to our Accelerec directory and reach out to them again in case of a new opening.

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